Midland High Shortstop Bounces Back Just In Time For Playoffs

Midland High Shortstop Bounces Back Just In Time For Playoffs

Gilbert Sanchez and the Bulldogs are very confident going into the regional semifinals facing Flower Mound Marcus.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) "He has had a tough year and I don't think people realize that when you're in something like that and it’s  never had that happen to you before, how tough it is on your mentally", said Midland High Coach Barry Russell.

Gilbert Sanchez has had his share of adversity throughout the year.

At the beginning of the season, he had one goal in mind.

"Try to win ball games, I mean we couldn't find ourselves early in the season, but when we kept winning those games, we got confidence in ourselves" said Midland High Shortstop Gilbert Sanchez.

Although the rest of the team bounced back, Sanchez had trouble keeping his confidence in himself.

"He didn't handle it very good; he changed his swing and got into some bad habits" said Coach Russell.

With the coaches’ help, Sanchez was able to turn things around.

"I mean things happen and you just have to come back the next day and work harder" said Sanchez.

The hard work has paid off and it's just in time for the regional semifinals on Friday.

"I went through a slump and found myself out and post seasons wise, I’m hitting the ball pretty good" said Sanchez.

Before games. Sanchez turns on some tunes to get himself in the right mindset.

"I listen to, rock bands like old school rock like America" said Sanchez.

The team has been on a roll, beating EP Franklin. Richland Hills. Amarillo Tascosa and now looking to get past Flower Mound Marcus.

"If you told me at the start of the season we would be here I’d probably of laugh at ya, especially after the first tournament, first several scrimmages, we didn't play very well" said Coach Russell.

There's no time like the present and the Bulldogs have matured into a team to go on a deep playoff run.  

"Were just growing as a family, I feel like no one can stop us right now" said Sanchez.

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