Midland High Set For First Game Against Smithson Valley

Midland High Set For First Game Against Smithson Valley

You like to have that big jump for the first game, see our execution level rise. - Midland High Football Coach, Craig Yenzer

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "I was pretty pleased, had a lot of turnovers that was kind of the downer of the deal you know we punted one time. We never 3 and outed but we had too many turnovers", said Midland High Football Coach, Craig Yenzer.

Although the Bulldogs threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball six times.

Coach Yenzer likes what he sees in his senior quarterback.

"Ryan's our guy; he had a great scrimmage on Friday night. I think he has the confidence of the team", said Coach Yenzer.

Ryan Goodrum says his job is easy because of the offensive weapons he has at his disposal.

"The receivers run really good routes; we got two really big receivers with good hands. I feel like we got a pretty good chance", said Bulldogs Senior Quarterback Ryan Goodrum.

The Bulldogs put the district on notice Friday night; watch out for their running game.

"Darius Reed is a work horse, give him the ball he'll get five yards almost every play", said Goodrum.

On the other side of the ball, the Bulldogs defense was outstanding.

Midland held El Paso El Dorado to only seven points.

Bulldogs senior linebacker Emilio Solis believes their defense is quick to the ball.

"We're fast, our speed is phenomenal. I think mostly that's how were going to beat all these teams, with our speed", said Bulldogs Senior Linebacker Emilio Solis.

Speed is important since Midland High runs plenty of man to man coverage.

The Bulldogs say their ready to take on Smithson Valley Friday night at Grande!

"It's exciting; it's really exciting to play a San Antonio team, we get to show them what West Texas football is all about", said Goodrum.

"I think our players understand what needs to be done, I talked to our seniors’ just right before practice today. Game week and there's a lot of excitement in the air", said Coach Yenzer.



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