Midland Greenwood 2013 Football Season Preview

Midland Greenwood 2013 Football Season Preview

The Greenwood Rangers 2013 Football season preview.
For many schools, a 9-4 season would be considered a success, but that's just not good enough for the Greenwood Rangers.

"Our expectations are gonna remain the same. We expect to compete in our tough district and expect to hopefully make a playoff run,"

It starts with replacing star quarterback Cam Williams, which is no easy task.

"I think Cam was a great athlete. He did some great things for us, but I think he also set the stage for these guys coming up."

"It's a little depressing I guess. He's been with us forever, but that just means new people are gonna have to step up."

One player coming up and looks to be taking the QB reign is Anthony Salas, who says he's ready for the challenge.

"Watching him, I learned a lot, and you can't really replace Cam, but I mean, I'm gonna try. I'm just gonna worry about me and helping this team get wins."

Wins will not be a given in the tough 4-3A district, and the Rangers know it's going to be a dog fight week-in and week-out.

"They're all pretty tough teams. Like you said, we have a pretty tough district and everything, but we're just gonna have to step up and play Ranger football."

"I know Monahans and Abilene Wylie and Sweetwater have kids that are still coming back, so we're just gonna have to work hard and outwork them every day."

To help inspire the team, the seniors helped create the acronym FATE, to remind the Rangers what they're up against.

"Face All The Elements. No matter what happens, you just go with it, I mean it's just being a Ranger."

Reporting from Greenwood, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.
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