Midland Fire Department Turns To Odessa Fire and Rescue

Midland Fire Department Turns To Odessa Fire and Rescue

The Midland Fire Department is opening up about how the blast stretched the department thin.
Midland, TX (Local Big 2 News) - Signs burnt to a crisp, smashed fences,
and black ashes in front of businesses.

Days later, this is the scene after a huge explosion on Saturday in Midland.

"We had over thirty-five there, just from the MFD that responded to that fire," said Midland Fire Department Battalion Chief Brian McGary.

Battalion Chief Brian Mcgary is talking about firemen, all thirty-five of them.
An unusually high number to respond to a fire.

"Typically we have about sixteen to twenty firefighters that respond to a regular structure fire," said McGary.

But there was nothing regular about this fire.

"I believe we had about thirteen to fourteen midland fire department units that responded," said McGary.

Nearly tapping out the Midland Fire Department.
But Odessa Fire and Rescue came in to assist.

"The City of Odessa was gracious enough to send two engines and an ambulance," said McGary.

Odessa Fire Chief Roger Boyd says he's more than happy to help.

"For us to be there was very important for the citizens of Midland to know, there's people here that are ready to take care of their needs," said Boyd.

Chief Mcgary tells me they still have to focus on the needs of others in the community while also fighting the flames on Rankin.

"Whenever a fire like that happens, people still have auto accidents, they still have respiratory problems, they still have heart attacks, we're still responsible to take care of those needs, even though we have a major incident like that," said McGary.

And Boyd says unexpected fires like this one keep the firemen on their toes.

"Those are the things you just can't plan for, you don't know when those calls are going to come, but you always have to be ready," said Boyd.
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