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Midland Fire Department Barbeque Benefit

The Midland Fire Department is rallying behind one of their own, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "We're a bunch of brothers," said Firefighter Aaron Hughes.

Brothers who gathered for a barbeque Friday afternoon.

"It's a big family," said Hughes.

But this barbeque wasn't about the burgers.

"It's actually called Squamous Cell Carcinoma," said Hughes.

The very thing that would turn Firefighter Aaron Hughes's life upside down.

"When I first found out it was cancer, it was a huge blow," said Hughes.

Aaron has a form of oral cancer that started in an unlikely way.

"I had an ulcer on my tongue that just wouldn't go away, it was there for several months," said Hughes.

After getting it checked out, he got the news.

"It's just a huge weight on our shoulders," said Hughes.

Weight that's slowly being lifted thanks to his fellow firefighters and members of the community," said Hughes.

"It's much more than I ever thought it would ever be," said Hughes.

The Midland Fire Department held a luncheon to gather donations to help Hughes.

"My travel expenses, flying back and forth to Houston, hotel stay, just the bills incurred with all that, just every little thing," said Hughes.

And people like Alex Villa stopped by to help out someone who helps others every day.

"I came out to support Aaron, it's a struggle, cancer's always a struggle," said Villa.

A struggle that's affecting Hughes's family, especially his eight-year old daughter.

"She knows dad's going to be sick for several months," said Hughes.

But despite all the negatives, Hughes has found a way to turn his life into a positive.

"Praise God, everyday, he's shown me wonders," said Hughes.

He thanks both god and his brothers.

"My brothers have been awesome, they've supported me one hundred percent, my phone rings constantly," said Hughes.
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