Midland County Judge Race is close!

Midland County Judge Race is close!

Kathy Reeves and Mike Bradford make a last minute push for your vote.

Voters will hit the polls tomorrow to select the Midland County Judge!

One of the specific issues voters are concerned about are roads and public safety.

"I believe Midland County citizens, especially those out in the county wants our priorities to be in the right place. They want us to spend money on county roads and to be frugal with our dollars", said Reeves.

According to current Midland County Judge Mike Bradford's web site, his office is investing $40 million this year to repair our roads.

Bradford told Big 2 on Election Day he will continue to push for road and water projects for the county and tax breaks.

"We have the lowest tax rate we've had since the 70s; in the fact maybe the lowest on record. We have the lowest in the state, which enables us to put money in other assets like water and $40 million in roads this year for projects. Things like this and they're being done without debt," says Bradford.

Bradford has been County Judge since 2007.

"It is an honor to serve the people of Midland, and that it is a first class community," says Bradford.

Even though Bradford comes with experience, Reeves says she has put on a strong campaign push.

"We shake hands, we’re out and about talking getting feedback asking for their vote and their support."

"Midland I am so very passionate about, I'm a native Midlander, born and raised and educated here. Have a family here; my children were raised in this county," said Reeves.

Whether you vote for either candidate, Kathy Reeves has one last message for all voters.

"Just be sure and go vote", said Reeves.

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