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Midland Christian Smooth Sailing Through 5 Games

Can the Mustangs be stopped? Not yet, as the Mustangs are 5-0 and rolling through their opponents in 2013.
How do you stop the Midland Christian Mustangs? I don't have an answer to that question, since it hasn't been done by anyone in over a year. The Mustangs are so methodical and precise on offense to where if you shut down the run, they will pass all over you, and vice versa.

So if you're head coach Greg McClendon what do you say to your team in order to stay successful? First things first, don't change the recipe.

"In a game where we feel like we're the best football team hands down, kids can lose focus and I thought that our kids came out with their hair on fire. They came out executing on both sides of the football. It's kind of like playing with a rattle snake, you play with them sometimes and they will bite you. We put them away, squished their head and put them away and I was proud of our effort" said McClendon.
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