Midland Chamber Supports Oil & Gas

Midland Chamber Supports Oil & Gas

Chamber launches new initiative in support of the oil & gas industry
Midland - Here in the U.S., we tend to hear all about the negatives of the oil and gas industry and, often times, the benefits are overlooked. Because of that, the Midland Chamber of Commerce held a news conference this week to announce the launch of a new initiative that unveils the facts and myths about the industry.

The initiative centers around a website called mytownmyjobmyvoice.org. It's currently being promoted by chambers of commerce across Texas, Louisiana and Illinois. All areas driven by the oil and gas industry.

"It really ties right into our mission. Our mission is to make this the best business environment on the planet and for that to happen, the oil and gas industry has to be strong," says Bobby Burns, president of the Midland Chamber of Commerce.

The site was designed to show the public, the media and government officials how critical this industry is to America's energy security, economy and quality of life. "The story has to be told. We've got to do it through our website, and we've got to step up as an industry and say this is important and our industry is critical to our future," says Burns.

The site also shows how this industry impacts everyone, whether you're directly connected or not. Local car dealer Chris Robin says,  "Without the oil and gas industry, we would not have an industry. Not only the fuel that powers our cars, but so much of the vehicle is actually produced from oil and petroleum products, we couldn't exist without it."

Barre Simmons of Wells Fargo adds, "It impacts everything we do. Loans, deposits, treasury management, wealth management, insurance, employee benefits."

The Midland Chamber of Commerce is happy they're playing a part in spreading the message. "We're really excited about the opportunity as a chamber to step up and say we support the oil and gas industry. We think it's critical for Midland and Midlanders to have a voice, and this gives them that, " says Burns.

Speaking of having a voice, the website has a place where you can contact state and national leaders about the issues our industry is currently facing.

If you would like to check it out, go to http://www.mytownmyjobmyvoice.org .
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