MHS Chooses new Girls Basketball Coach

MHS Chooses new Girls Basketball Coach

MHS chooses new Girls Basketball coach
It didn't take long for the Midland High girls basketball team to find a new coach.

M.I.S.D. Athletic Director Todd Howey has confirmed to big two that Wes Torres will be the lady bulldogs next basketball coach, pending approval from the school board.

The thirty-seven year old coach comes to the tall city from Amarillo, where he spent five years as the head coach for Caprock. Howey said Torres came heavily recommended by many basketball coaches, including legendary Canyon coach Joe Lombard who called Torres one of the best young basketball coaches in the panhandle.

Torres will  replace Ron Berry, who stepped down from the position earlier this month.

A press conference will be held on Monday at eleven from the Midland High School gym to officially introduce Torres as the new coach.
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