McAfee Makes Noise On and Off the Field

McAfee Makes Noise On and Off the Field

This week's West Texas MVP may not be loud off the field, but he makes quite the noise on it.
MIDLAND -- He's not the biggest player on the team, and he's definitely not the loudest.

His name is Jason McAfee, but his friends call him "Mac."

Last Friday night, McAfee was running like a mac truck against Abilene Cooper. Nobody could bring him down on his way to 250 yards and three touchdowns.

"We needed a big game to start district play, and I thought Jason came out and did well," head coach James Morton said.

"Jason stepped up in that game," wide receiver D'onte Cole said. "Everyone knew his potential, and he really showed it on Friday. It really helped us get the spark going as a team."

The performance evened surprised McAfee himself.

"I really wasn't expecting that," McAfee said. "I just felt like I was really having a good time, but after half time the coach asked me, 'did I know I had over 100 yards in the first half?'' I didn't expect it."

Even in high pressure moments, McAfee came though. Lee had built a 14-6 lead and caused a turnover on Cooper's first play of the next possession.

"We go on offense, and the very first play, Jason goes 41 yards for a touchdown," Morton said. "that was a big play in the game, because it gave us a shot in the arm and put us up 21-6."

With all the success on the field, McAfee has become somewhat of a regular for local media. That is something that gives his coach a little laugh.

"Watching him get interviewed has kind of been comical to me, because he plays it off as being the cool guy and think he is well with words," Morton said. "Then, when he gets in front of the camera, he kind of struggles with that."

"The more interviews, the more experience I get," McAfee said. "So I guess it's getting better, because I just had one at lunch, and it was the same as Saturday. So, I guess I'm getting better at them."

While most think of McAfee as a quiet kid, his friends will tell a different story.

"Jason really likes to sing," Cole said. "He can't sing, but whenever its us and his close friends, he tries to sing; but he can't."

He may not have a future in signing, but the sky is the limit for McAfee on the football field.
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