Man Fighting Cancer Hopes to Reel in One Last Trip

Man Fighting Cancer Hopes to Reel in One Last Trip

An Odessa man fighting cancer asks for a fishing trip with his family.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - As cancer cripples his body, a West Texas man has one last item on his bucket list.

The man battles stage four mouth and throat cancer but he has one last wish, that his family hopes the community can help him catch.

"He's a wonderful man, he's the best man I've ever known," said Payen. "He was always just an outdoorsman; he took care of all his children."

Cindy Payen remembers the good times, when her husband Harvey Payen threw barbecues for friends and family.

"Still to this day when he feels good, he can't eat, but he cooks for everybody. He's a big-hearted man," explained Payen.

But now Harvey fights for his life everyday, what initially looked like a minor issue turned out to be something much worse.

"He was complaining of a toothache," Payen said.

Even after a procedure to fix what dentists believed to gum disease, the pain just got worse.

"The ER doctor said this is something I've never seen before," Payen said.

The family can't help but wonder what would have happened if it was caught sooner.

"It would have been stopped and sustained  -- if the biopsy had been done at the very beginning," questioned Payen.

After months of chemotherapy and procedures, doctors say they've run out of options.

"It's been hard. I've been through a trauma," Payen said.

Now Harvey Payen wishes one last thing.

"He just wants to enjoy his last few days fishing with the family."

With family finances burdened by medical bills, one of Payen's neighbors set up an account to pay for a fishing trip, with his wife and five year old son.

"We haven't done it for awhile and it's what we most enjoy with him because it just lights up his eyes, he forgets about all the pain," says Payen.

If you can't donate, they still want your help.

"What we ask the most is just prayer," said Payen.

She says she will always stay by his side.

"He'll take my hand and tell me thank you I don't know how you did this. But he doesn't have to thank me, because I'm your wife -- I took that oath, to take care of you," she explained.

If you want to help Payen, you can click on this link to make a donation:

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