Locally-Built Service Rig Sets New Standard

Locally-Built Service Rig Sets New Standard

Rig Works designs service rig deemed impossible
ODESSA -- J.W. Brake has only been in the rig making business for 7 1/2 years, but he's already done what most said was impossible. His Odessa-based company, Rig Works, has designed and built the Mustang HD 600. It's a purpose-built service rig with a 116-foot tall, 290,000 pound mast.

While Brake was the man behind the design, without Dan Powers, it may have never happened. Powers of Globe Energy Services came to Brake last year in search of a service rig that could meet his client's demands.

"We had a unique application in East Texas that was consistently a bad situation for most contractors," said Powers. "We needed a tall working height for the work platform." And that's exactly what they got.
But almost as impressive as the design itself is how fast Rig Works took an idea and made it into a reality. "It went from a concept to a working rig in 2 1/2 months," said Brake.
Brake says as wellbores get deeper, laterals get longer, stacks get taller, and the weight of pipe gets heavier, he believes the Mustang HD 600's design is setting a new standard for the industry.

"I think it's the next generation," added Brake.
Now that the word has gotten out, requests are coming in from every major oil producing region in the country. It's success Brake believes is made possible through a higher power. "I just want to always be sure and give God all the glory for all the good things in our lives," he said.

Brake says the rig's cost is between $900,000 and $1.1 million depending on the options. But it's a small price to pay considering the rig does more with less and offers an "extremely safer working" environment. To learn more about the Mustang HD 600, visit  http://rig-works.com/index1.html  or call Rig Works at (432) 366-4501.

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