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Quail Dobbs Passes Away

Quail Dobbs's career as a rodeo clown, landed him in nearly every cowboy hall of fame possible, but his family revealed to us the man to us behind the makeup.
A pillar of the Coahoma community has passed away. Marvin "Quail" Dobbs died Wednesday at the age of 72.  Quail was a on several boards benefitting Coahoma community, and his family says Dobbs's career as a rodeo clown, landed him in nearly every cowboy hall of fame possible, but they revealed the man to us behind the makeup.

“Quail was Coahoma, he made Coahoma, he was everything in Coahoma, the people in this town just looked up to quail, he was an idol, a legend to us, that’s just the person he was, it’s going to be rough,” said Coahoma Resident, Gwen Harding.

Quail is known for his rodeo act, but he was a pillar in the community according to residents.

“I loved him very dearly, he was a wonderful man, he will greatly be missed, I am sorry he is gone,” said Gwen Harding. 

Quails son, Coley is doing the best he can considering the circumstances.

“I am just pretty well shocked, but I am trying to hold it together because I know that's what he would want,” said Quail’s son Coley Dobbs.

The loss of quails is already apparent around town. 

“Driving through down today and it seems emptier already he was not a large physical stature man but he filled up a room he filled up a community,” said Coley Dobbs.

During the time we spent with the Dobbs family they received calls around the country from people giving their condolences

“I am very honored and humbled by the outpouring support and love from our community to our family,” said Coley Dobbs.

When I asked Quail’s daughter, Stephanie what she misses most about her father.

“His laugh, his smile, daddy had bright blue eyes that twinkled,” said Quail’s daughter, Stephanie Dobbs-Rotan.

And that smile touched the lives of everyone I spoke to in Coahoma on Thursday.

“Daddy’s whole life what he wanted was to make them feel better and he always wanted people to leave his presence happy,” Stephanie Dobbs-Rotan.

“If there is a positive to be found in this, it is to see the good in the community that we live in and what a great community we live in and the support and love that we have felt,” said Coley Dobbs.

Quail is survived by his wife Judy, his two grown children Coley and Stephanie, and several grandkids. The family tells us final services for Dobbs are still being arranged.  

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