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Water Main Brusts in Odessa

While the wintry weather has caused a lot of car accidents on our roads, It's also causing problems underground too!
ODESSA -- Water main pipes are cracking around the basin, due to the slight increase in temperature. One water main line supplying a neighborhood in Odessa cracked, leaving some residents without water for hours.

“When temperatures rise or go down depending on the situation, these pipes start busting, the water main which feeds anyone tapped into here, a couple dozen houses will probably be out of water,” said Utility Worker, Rigo Rodriguez.

Which isn’t unheard of in this wintry weather.

“You know these freezing conditions, it’s not uncommon for this to occur,” said Odessa Police Department Public Information Officer, Steve LeSueur.

First dirt freezes around the pipes, then warmer temperatures cause that frozen dirt to thaw…

“Causes movement with the pipes, causing them to crack or break,” said Steve LeSueur.

Water was shut off in dozens of homes while the pipes were repaired, which had one man taking some precautionary measures.

“I am going to grab some containers that I have there you know and just fill them up and keep them ready,” said Odessan, Benito Ramos.

No laundry, no dishes, no chores, which puts UTPB student Christian Mancha in a bind. 

“I have finals at school, I’m going to be really behind with housework and school work and it’s just not going to be good,” said Christian Mancha.

Odessan Barbara Cates, lives with 11 other people and says she usually does laundry every day,

“It’s really going to affect our day, we do laundry every day because there are so many people in our home,” said Barbara Cates.

Although it’s not all bad news, Dagan Cates was going to have to take a bath, but now he’s happy that he can…

“Play Wii or something,” said Odessan, Dagan Cates.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened this year, and it won’t be the last Rigo Rodriguez tells us.

“This won’t be the first especially when these temperatures start warming up, were going to have at least a couple hundred it’s going to be bad,” said Rigo Rodriguez.

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