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Evictions In The Basin

Ector county evictions have double in the past few years according to the Ector County Sheriff's Office.
Ector county evictions have doubled in the past few years according to the Ector County Sheriff's Office.

“My landlord just raised the rent prices and I could no longer afford it,” said Odessan Russ Becker.

Russ Becker was evicted earlier this year, and says he loves his job but with the boom, he may have to give up his passion.

“Rent is exceptionally high in the Permian Basin unless you have the luxury of working in the oilfield it’s exceptionally hard,” said Russ Becker.

Midland County Official Gail Andrews keeps track of evictions in her county and tells us, she has noticed an increase in rent.

“We noticed that it has increased last year due to the oil boom,” said Midland Court Administrator, Gail Andrews.

A former oil worker explains the oilfield pays well, but sometimes, that doesn’t matter.

“One reason is not spending wisely, another reason is not saving their money,” said Odessan Lucas Ruiz.

Trower Realtor’s Property Manager, Tonya Brown tells us her eviction notices are on the rise and she is dumbfounded why some people cannot pay their rent.

“I am not sure because the work is there, the money is there, there is no reason for them not to be paying,” said Property Manager, Tonya Brown.

When renters don’t pay their rent, Tonya loses money and when tenants are evicted, it’s not always pretty. 

“They are usually pretty angry when we serve them, some of them just get out and some of them are a real problem,” said Tonya Brown.

Russ told us that being evicted was rough, but he is a survivor.

“Things are looking up,” said Russ Becker.

Midland County Officials have reported that there have been fewer evictions in some parts of the county this year, compared to last.

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