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Bars Around The Basin Prepare of New Years Eve

New Year ’s Eve is just two days away and bars around the Permian Basin are getting ready to ring in 2014.
New Year’s Eve is just two days away and bars around the Permian Basin are getting ready to ring in 2014.The owner of Lone Star Bar, Derek Phiffer, in midland today he told us that all week long they are going to be celebrating the New Year’s, with live music and free food, but even know though it’s the week of New Year’s Eve, he says his drinking policies won’t change. 
“Most the time as we do today, have food set out and then lots of dancing and enjoying good live music,” said Lone Star Bar owner, Derek Phiffer.

Derek Phiffer wants everyone to have a good time this New Years, but says he will enforce state drinking regulations, just like he always has.

“The polices are the law states, we try really hard not to over-serve, try to monitor what they are in-taking and the time and amount they are taking it in,”said Derek Phiffer.

If one of his patron’s doesn’t have the ability to get home safely, Phiffer steps in.

“Try to call and get a cab in for anyone and if they don’t have the means we provide that cab and pay for it ourselves,” said Derek Phiffer.

Paying for a cab is not the only way some of his patrons get home, sometimes Phiffer will drive them home himself.

“We have a handful of patrons in here that don’t drink at all, and myself I drink coffee all night long, we take a lot of them home ourselves,” said Derek Phiffer.

Phiffer explains this is one of the reasons his business is booming.

“Hopefully just to grow this place and prosper and do well hopefully this place will continue to grow the way it has been the past few months,” said Derek Phiffer.

By next New Year’s Eve Phiffer wants to purchase a limousine to help take his patrons home, because he cares for his customers and their safety. 

“Try to have everybody have a good safe happy new year, end one and start another good one,” said Derek Phiffer.

Phiffer says no matter where you go for this New Year’s Eve if you decide to drink, make sure you don’t drive, so you arrive alive.

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