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Woman Found Dead in Alley Identified

A middle aged woman's body was found early Sunday Morning.
UPDATE from Odessa Police: "The body has been identified as Elizabeth Carrasco, date of birth 2-2-80. Next of kin has been notified."

ODESSA -- A middle aged woman's body was found early Sunday morning in a back alley on the 1200 block of east 36th street in Odessa,

“I thought just maybe an accident had happened, I didn’t think it would be a murder,” said Odessan Rebecca Ramirez.

“It’s starting to be unsafe in our own alleys,” said Rebecca Ramirez.

Rebecca Ramirez tells us she is worried for her children after this discovery on Sunday.

“It does scare me cause now it is unsafe to throw trash in the backyard, it’s not safe for our kids to go throw the trash in our own backyards because we don’t know what’s going to happen now,” said Rebecca Ramirez.

The crime scene was chaotic according to Duane Talley, who lives just next door to where the police were investigating.

“It was a shock we didn’t know what was going on, all the police carts right here close to the house and all the stuff, we didn’t know what was going on,” said Odessan Duane Talley.

With 4 grandchildren to watch Duane Talley has to be cautious at all times.

“We don’t let them go out there alone anyway, when this happened, it strengthens our feelings on not letting them go out alone,” said Duane Talley.

And now he is going to be even more vigilant

“Just keep my eyes open and watch everybody, that’s all you can do,” said Duane Talley.

The Odessa Police Department is being assisted by Texas rangers for this case.

“We can’t release a lot of details because it’s a pending investigation,” said Odessa Police Department Homicide Detective, Robin Smith.
Although the police did tell us that there are currently no persons of interest in this case, and it’s going to be a long investigation

“The Ector county medical examiner’s office is going to send the body to Tarrant County. Later this evening we will send 2 detectives and a crime tech as well, then once the autopsy’s completed it'll take several weeks to get results back,” said Robin Smith.

If you have any information on what may have happened, your asked to call the Odessa Police Department at 432.333.3641

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