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Police Hunt For Mother After Children Test Positive For Cocaine.

Seven children test positive for cocaine, with the youngest, an infant less than a month old, now deceased.
ODESSA -- Seven children tested positive for cocaine with the youngest, an infant less than a month old now deceased. Their mother, Talisha Redic (also known as Talisha Tatia Cleveland) is facing seven 2nd degree felonies, of child endangerment and is on the run. 

Neighbors tell us they can’t believe this happened in their usually quiet neighborhood.

“It’s shocking not knowing who your neighbors are, and the kids involved that very scary,” said Neighbor, Norma Anaya.

7 of Talisha Redic's children tested positive for cocaine earlier this year.

Surprised to hear the news, Norma Anaya tells me this isn’t typical for her neighborhood

“It doesn’t happen often this is really the first time I’ve heard something happen here,” said Norma Anaya.

Another neighbor we spoke to were shocked that Redic’s youngest child passed away and the six others were taken by Child Protective Services.

“I’ve lived here ever since I was one and I’ve grown up here and it’s a pretty good neighborhood nothing bad has ever happened,” said Neighbor, Valerie Valles.

 Valerie Valles tells us this kind of thing doesn’t happen on her block.

“I believe it was an isolated incident I’ve never heard of nothing bad happening around these blocks, but I mean there is always crime on any block,” said Valerie Valles.

Although some neighbors told us a different story.

“Our neighborhood has changed dramatically, it used to be pretty safe, we could come out here and let our kids play and ride bikes in the street,” said one neighbor that wanted to remain anonymous. 

 Now they say they have to take extra precautions.

“By the time the sun goes down we gotta pack up our kids and put them inside because you start hearing gun-shots, you hear everything, everything is going bad,” said the anonymous neighbor.

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