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Fireworks & Fine Arts

A minister in the Permian Basin is raising money selling fireworks, all for a surprsing good cause.
Fireworks and Fine Arts, two things that usually don’t go together, but one man from Odessa is using firework sales to bring fine arts closer to home. 

“I went through Fine Arts programs as a kid and wouldn’t be where I am without it,” said Youth Minister, Tony Ambrose.

Ambrose is using fireworks sales to raise fund for a trip to Ohio for his kids. He tell us he has plenty of fireworks for sale, in fact to many to count

“I don’t know how many thousand to be honest with you, especially if you count all that little stuff, we have thousands of tanks and hens and sparklers and those kinds of things, so it’s really hard to guesstimate,” said Tony Ambrose.

Ambrose hopes to raise over $20,000 thousand for his youth group.

“For us its huge, I have been in youth ministry long enough to have done my share of bake sales, little things like that popcorn and coffee, and I have never seen anything as successful as this for raising funds,” said Tony Ambrose.

“Without these funds, the group wouldn't get to travel at all.

“Those funds go to our church youth group, we are going to use those, to go to camp in the summer, we will go to Ohio for a trip, were going to Columbus this year with the youth group,” said Tony Ambrose.

One customer told me he was happy to end up at this fireworks stand.

“I really chose to come here because it was convenient for me it was close, but once I found that the money was going to a church organization, charity, now I feel better about why I chose this spot,” said Tony Ambrose.

“Come on down, buy some fireworks, we will be here till midnight tonight,” said Tony Ambrose. 

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