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Protect Your Plants & Pets This Winter

How can your plants and pets survive this winter weather?
“The bottom line is to use common sense,” said Veterinarian Tommy Wilson.

There are no hard and fast rules about winter and your animals but, Dr. Wilson tells me most will be fine outside this winter, but not all of them.

“However if you have a Chihuahua that hardly has any hair at all, they are not going to do as well in cold temperatures,” said Dr. Wilson.

You should be concerned about moisture and wind.
“If an animal’s coat gets wet, it loses some ability to protect it from the cold and obviously wind chills can make the animal colder than it would be otherwise,” said Dr. Wilson.

If your pet is normally outside and you bring them in because of the cold, be prepared.

“Treat them like a child, make sure there’s nothing they can get to that could cause them harm,” said Dr. Wilson.

Like pets and winter weather, tropical plants and freezing temperatures don’t get along either.
Sandy from Sandy’s nursery in Midland explains how to keep them warm this winter. 

“The most important steps you can take are to wrap your Palms [and], you can use white burlap or plastic,” said Midlander Sandy Cobb.

Better safe than sorry is Sandy’s motto, and if you have any doubt about your plants survival during the freeze...

 “Anything you can bring in during the wintertime, you should do that, and you can take into a shed or your garage, that'll protect them from the winter,” said Sandy Cobb.
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