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First Alcohol Sales in Andrews

Today beer and wine hit store shelves in the City of Andrews.
Today beer and wine hit store shelves in the City of Andrews. In November voters elected to legalize the sale of alcohol in the city and today alcohol was placed on shelves, where it had never been before, inside a 7-11 in the City of Andrews.

“Really I think it's a good thing, we don't have to travel so far to get alcohol,” said Andrews Resident, Joe Llanez.

As soon as Joe Llanez clocks out, He'll be at 7-11.

“Probably a 30 pack of bud light, just go home, fire up the grill and cook supper for the family,” said Llanez.

Joe Llanez explains to me, he thinks that legalizing the sale of alcohol in Andrews will help decrease alcohol related crime in the city.

“If somebody wants alcohol they are going to get alcohol one way or the other, now that it’s closer to home we can control that situation,” said Llanez.

Another man in Andrews tells me he doesn't always drink, but law or no law, to him the argument remains the same.

“Feels good as long as you take it to the house. Don't drink and drive, that's the main thing,” said Andrews Resident, Jesse Nelson.

With libations now in Andrews, Budweiser Manager, Lezlie Easley says she is happy this day finally came.

“We’re very excited about the growth opportunity here in Andrews, and for the people in Andrews,” said Budweiser Manager, Lezlie Easley.

Although some citizens in Andrews like Hilario Nayola never wanted this day to come.

“You’re going to have an increase in violence you’re going to have an increase in domestic disputes along with traffic problems and then of course one of my biggest worries is the youth here,” said Andrews Resident, Hilario Nayola.

Hilario was content with people having to drive to another county to get alcohol, because Andrews always stood for something different.

 “The city was founded on hard working men and women, entrepreneurship and on Christ and I think we can do better without the alcohol here,” said Nayola.

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