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UTPB One Step Closer To Having A Football Team

The quest to bring football to UTPB has been ongoing for the past twelve years, but now that quest may be over.
“When we think about Odessa and Midland, one of the things that pops into anyone’s head is football,” said UTPB President, David Watts.

On Thursday UT officials unanimously approved a plan that lays the foundation for UTPB to have its own football team.

“We are thrilled this is another major step for UTPB,” said David Watts.

UTPB President David Watts stressed that…

“Football will not cost a UTPB student one cent more than what they are paying right now,” said David Watts.

Although there is one major hurdle for starting up the program.

“The fundraising is really the single largest obstacle,” said David Watts.

UTPB board member, Kirk Edwards tells us they will raise the 9.5 million dollars needed by the end of 2014, which is their deadline.

“There are people that will give to the arts and there are people that will give to sports, so the first people we talked to we seen there is definitely interest in contributing to it,” said UTPB board member, Kirk Edwards.

In fact Edwards tells us they have already received 3 million dollars in pledges.  Edwards went onto say football at UTPB will attract more students.

“There are 40,000 applicants to Texas A & M last year just because Johnny Manziel was the quarterback,” said Kirk Edwards.

One UTPB student we talked to can’t wait for the school to have its own football team.

“I am excited, I like watching football, I’d be really excited to go see them play,” said UTPB student Austin Fowler.

Midland Lee quarterback Caden Coots says it would be a great place for football players in the Basin to go.

“It’d be nice it would not be too far from home and I think it would be a good opportunity,” said Caden Coots. 

In less than three years UTPB could have a football game.

The first football game will probably be august-September of 2016.

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