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Business In The Basin Grows

New figures show much the West Texas Economy continues to BOOM!
According to the city of Midland its sales tax revenue continues to increase. The city says the revenue this month is up nearly 11% percent from a year ago, and for the year, it’s up more than 11% compared to 2012.

“We did see another double digit growth in our sales tax numbers this year over the last year, and this time last year we were seeing growth,” said Midland Public Information Officer, Sara Higgins.

For 3 years running the city of midland tells me they've seen economic growth and they're reinvesting that money.

“It helps us to continue to grow and to continue to provide the infrastructure that we need,” said Sara Higgins.

And business is booming at a sweets boutique, Owner Susie Hitchcock-Hall has tells us she's enjoyed the ride.

“Our sales last year increased 18% and we expect every bit of that again,” said Midland business owner, Susie Hitchcock-Hall.

In fact business has been so good, Hitchcock-Hall plans on expanding .

“We’re getting ready to open up a new one in downtown Midland in our new factory that’s being built right now, and the gift shop that’s being built in the factory will be large enough to fit this gift shop inside that one,” said Susie Hitchcock-Hall.

With business booming in Midland, Entrepreneur Natalie Pevehouse, decided to open up Signature Stag.

“This is a great market, one in the nation for the amount of millionaires and number one for the highest income, and this one just seemed to be the perfect fit,” said Midland business owner, Natalie Pevehouse.

Pevehouse tells us she doesn’t see the oil boom coming to an end anytime soon, and says the city is also helping the region’s growth.

“I know Midland is doing quite a few things to also bring in other types of commerce and so that’s definitely going to help, it’s not just going to be all oil,” Natalie Pevehouse.

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