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West Odessa Power Outage

More than 500 homes were without power Monday morning according to Oncor.
More than 500 homes were without power Monday morning according to Oncor. As the freezing temperatures plunged into the teens some of the affected residents were able to find innovative ways to stay warm, while others weren’t so lucky.

“This morning around 8, 8:15 I woke up freezing and my kids were waking up saying they were cold,” said West Odessan, Crystal Huddleston.

Oncor tells us freezing temperatures and over-worked power lines contributed to the reason why 500 West Odessan were without power.

“My kids are not with me, they went to their daycare that has electricity, just so they wouldn’t be freezing,” said Crystal Huddleston.

Layers and covered windows plaster Crystal Huddleston’s house to fight off the cold. 

“It’s very depressing I feel like an unfit mother, because I can’t give my children the basic necessities like feeding them or keeping them warm or keeping them sheltered,” said Crystal Huddleston.

But she does whatever she can for her kids

“Today was their last day off from school, I was going to spend time with them, but because it’s cold, I’d rather have them where they need to be instead of here freezing,” said Crystal Huddleston.

Without power, Huddleston can only dream of the things she could be doing with her kids.

“I wanted just to be with them, spend time with them you know, watch some of the movies they got for Christmas, things of that nature, but I can’t do any of it because we don’t have any electricity,” said Crystal Huddleston.

This is a recurring problem for Huddleston, who tells me that she loses power on a monthly basis.

“We’ll normally stay in and find stores that have electricity, I know one year it got really bad and we had to stay in our car,” said Crystal Huddleston.

Oncor Western Region Manager Sue Mercer told us, power was back on at about 12:30 Monday afternoon, she suggested to help reduce outages caused by over worked power lines, keep your thermostat on or below 68 degrees.

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