Water Main Breaks in The Basin

Water Main Breaks in The Basin

Water main breaks seem to be plaguing the Permian basin recently, causing some families to go without water.

“There was so much water in the street there was like a little river in front of the house and I was like oh my gosh this is bad,” said Odessan, Raven Crothers.

Water mains are breaking around the basin causing distress for many.

“The soils will move a lot of times and with the cold weather and then when it starts to thaw out, it puts a lot of stress on the pipe and cause them to break,” said Odessa Director of Utilities, Thomas Kerr.

Odessa's Director of Utilities Thomas Kerr tells me, that the stress is too much for piping 50 years old.

“The biggest thing with cast iron pipe is they have been in for a long time so they are old, and as they age the corrode a little bit, they will weaken in strength,” said Thomas Kerr.

A typical water main break takes 2-4 hours to fix, but that is long enough to make some residents worry.

““You don’t realize how much you need water till the pipes are frozen and you have nothing to work with,” said Raven Crothers.  

On Monday after a water main break, Raven Crothers had to change her plans for the day.

“When you have a lot of laundry to do and a dishes to wash it’s just like what am I going to do next,” said Raven Crothers.  

“Oh my gosh do we have bottled water? Where are we going to go if we do need bottle water, because it was there pipes, so your next thought is can I buy water,” said Raven Crothers.  

Not much you can do if you’re in this situation, but you can help out the city when on the road.

“With traffic situations if we are out there trying to work on the leak, if they can help us with the traffic situation, it sure makes it a lot easier for us to fix,” said Thomas Kerr.

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