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UPDATE: Family Homeless After Their Mobile Home Was Stolen

Thieves have left one family homeless and without their beloved pets just before the holidays.
UPDATE The Barreras family found one of their chihuahuas Chiquita, but are still searching for the light colored chihuahua, Minnie. If you have any information on where Minnie or the Barreras's trailer may be you may contact them on facebook via https://www.facebook.com/ericaabraham.barrera

Thieves have left one family homeless and without their beloved pets just before the holidays, but they haven’t given up hope, they are searching for their stolen mobile home and two Chihuahuas.

“Driving around from the time we get up to the time it gets dark,” said Odessan, Abraham Barrera.

Every day their search continues, looking for their home.

“We got a call from my husband’s cousin, cause they live out there, and asked us what did we do with the trailer, and we’re like the trailer should be there,” said Odessan, Erica Barrera.

However Erica Barrera’s mobile home was stolen Sunday morning.

“I mean were homeless because of this,” said Erica Barrera.

Due to health issues the Barrera’s were staying at her husband’s grandmother’s house when someone took their mobile home.

“I was crying and crying because my dogs were in there, I was like no no my dogs my dogs, I mean they’re my babies and all the memories in there,” said Erica Barrera.

Although her two dogs were just the tip of the iceberg.

“Me and my husband have been together since we were 14 years old, everything was in that trailer, stuff he read to me when we were younger, everything, pictures of him when he was a baby, we don’t have no memories no more,” said Erica Barrera.

Not thinking of gifts or Christmas traditions... The Barrera’s’ wishes are simple.

“We're sad, my kids are sad, that’s all they have want for Christmas is our home and our dogs back,” said Erica Barrera.

They've been searching everywhere to find them.

“I don’t want them to mistreat my dogs just drop them off at the shelter if they are going to do that,” said Erica Barrera.

“They were everything to us too, and we lost them to and it hurts,” said 11 year old, Izabelle Barrera.

All Izabelle wants for Christmas, is what she had before.

“Just want our house back, we want our dogs back, we want everything back, we don’t want nothing else but that,” said Erica Barrera.

This Christmas may leave a lasting impression on the family.

“I can’t sleep, I am not going to sleep until I know, where my trailers at, or my dogs,” said Erica Barrera.

They have a hope they will find their dogs and a message for the people that stole her home.

“Can you just please bring our home back the way you took it, at night we won’t press charges, just bring it,” said Erica Barrera.
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