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Local Church Sends Care Packages To Local Veterans For Father's Day

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 News) -These paper bags aren't just being filled with food.
Midland, TX (Local Big 2 News) -These paper bags aren't just being filled with food.

They're being filled with snacks and some basic essentials.

"Well there's all kinds of little toiletries that they can use you know, like travel size things. There's also some goodies. A lot of them are diabetic so we've got cheese nips and things like that they can eat," said Jim Collett, with First Methodist Church.

Collett tells me these bags will be sent to 200 veterans staying at the Big Spring Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Collett says packing these care packages are one of the church's three summer mission activities.

"Just to say thanks and reach out to them on Father's Day because a lot of them don't have anyone that comes on Father's Day," Collett said.

According to Collett, it's a way to show the vets they are appreciated.

"It means a tremendous amount to see these people putting these packages together to take care of these guys," said Jason Royer, a veteran who served in the Marine Corps and Navy Reserves.

Royer tells me a small gesture like these care packages helps show veterans they are remembered for serving their country.

"Some of these guys feel forgotten, to say the least. For some of these guys to get packages like this, it means the world to them," Royer said.

Apart from the gift bags are Father's Day cards and thank you cards.

Both professional and hand made.

"You have done a wonderful job protecting our country. You are cool," said Kristin, who was making a card with her brother.

"The mission of the church is to reach out and help people who need you or who are in need and also, it's a way to say thanks for those folks who worked and saved our country," Collett said.

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