July 4th- The Deadliest Day For Drivers

July 4th- The Deadliest Day For Drivers

The number of accidents and deadly crashes is expected to go up as we head into the holiday weekend. Jenne Anderson Reports.
PERMIAN BASIN-- Floyd Sallee will be driving his big rig straight through the holiday weekend.

"Me and my buddy are fixing to head out and go to Odessa," said Sallee, "And we'll be busy all weekend long."

And based on what he's seen in his past 21 years of truck driving, Sallee says he has a dangerous drive ahead of him.

"4th of July weekend, any holiday, you've got a lot of drunk people that drive cars," explained Sallee.

According to statistics from the American Safety Council, the 4th of July is historically the deadliest day to be out on the roads, which means drivers need to be extra careful as we head into the weekend.

"Everybody that drives a passenger vehicle should know how a truck operates, know how they stop, know how they accelerate, and know how they turn," said Sallee.

But it's not just drivers who have to be on high alert.

United Blood Services tells us they also are gearing up for the holiday weekend.

"We have to make sure that we collect enough blood before the holiday when people are going to be out of town and not around to donate," said United Blood Services Satellite Director, Lee Hartmann.

The blood center says they've been stocking their shelves since the end of June, but could still use more donations.

"The situation isn't optimal right now," explained Lee, "We really don't have enough O positive and O negative on the shelves."

The center says they hope there won't be a high demand for blood this weekend, but with the history of this holiday, you never can be too prepared.

United Blood Services tells us right now they're teaming up with local Whataburger restaurants to help prevent a blood shortage during the next couple months.

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