Investigators Find A Pipebomb At An Odessa Storage Unit

Investigators Find A Pipebomb At An Odessa Storage Unit

Bomb Squad finds makeshift pipe bomb and other ordnance at the Cubesmart Facility on Grandview
ODESSA -- Around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, the Narcotics Unit of the Odessa PD was executing a search warrant on one of the units at the Cubesmart Self Storage in Odessa, when they came across a makeshift pipe bomb.

Investigators backed away and the Bomb Unit was called in. 

The unit found the pipe bomb, a hand grenade and an unknown package in electrical tape.

Kenneth Brunette, who rents a unit, came to pay his rent and was a bit concerned when we told him what was going on.

"I'm kinda shocked, really, that it would be in Odessa. I mean, you hear about it on the news, but it happens here and it's kind of an eye opener to be honest with you," Brunette told us.

Odessa Police issued a voluntary evacuation for the surrounding businesses, who did choose to evacuate, and created a perimeter of 1,000 feet around the unit.

Around 7:15 the Bomb Unit made sure the pipe bomb was safe, and by the  time they were done, they had taken care of all three devices.

Still, for Brunette, it says something about the world.

"I don't know, the world is getting crazy. To be honest with you, it's not like the old days back in the 30's, 40's, 50's back when you could leave your windows, doors open," Brunette said.

After the unit was deemed safe, crews began to clean up and the Narcotic Unit continued their search.

Police were still investigating as we left the scene,  but a release from OPD says they deemed all three items safe around 7:45. 

That third item in the electrical tape was never identified.

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