Ice Storm Leaves Behind a Mess of Broken Tree Branches

Ice Storm Leaves Behind a Mess of Broken Tree Branches

Lawn service crews and homeowners are cleaning up the mess created by the weekend's ice storm.
MIDLAND - Temperatures in the Permian Basin have warmed up a little, but homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath of last weekend's ice storm.

The storm left everything covered in a thick layer of ice and the weight of the ice proved to be too much for many trees, which had branches snap off under the pressure.

Lawn service companies were busy Tuesday taking advantage of the sunshine now that the ice has thawed.

Randy Sanders from RGS Lawn Service knew there would be some damage after the storm.

"We were hoping the ice wouldn't have broken this many limbs," he said.

He was working Tuesday in Midland to clean up a large tree that had several large branches broken. He's hoping to take care of his clients before the holiday.

"Just think about what you have to do and get out and get everything cleaned up before Thursday, before the Thanksgiving holidays," Sanders said.

Down the street from where Sanders was working, Dean Stalder and his son Andrew worked to clean up another large tree.

"We're going to be busy," Stalder said. "It's probably going to be all day and probably tomorrow."

Before noon on Tuesday Stalder had cleaned up yards at four homes and said he had about three more to take care of that afternoon.

Homeowners who have yard debris can take it to the Citizens Collection Station near Claydesta in Midland.

Kelly Cunningham brought a large load of branches on Tuesday. She thought she may have two more loads of debris back at her house.

"Every time I looked out, there was another branch that had snapped because of the ice being on all the limbs," Cunningham said about the storm.

"We've had major branches that have snapped, but I've never seen it cover the landscape like it has this last time," said Cunningham.

Midland's Citizens Collection Station, located at 4100 Smith Road, will be open Wednesday, November 27, from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. It will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and Friday. It will reopen on Saturday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.
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