Ice Cream Scoops For School Supplies

Ice Cream Scoops For School Supplies

A 30 foot long ice cream sundae, making West Texas history, and it's all for a good cause.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- Some West Texas students in need are getting more than a couple scoops of help from local seniors. A local assisted living center, serves up 30 feet of ice cream sundae's. It's all to collect school supplies for students who otherwise might have to go without.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

"We can't wait to eat some ice cream," said volunteer Pat Bass.

A sweet scoop for supplies, school supplies.

"We're happy to help out the kiddos that need some supplies," said Bass.

Orchard Park Assisted Living Facility wanted to collect school supplies for the ECISD Outreach Center.

"We all came together and just really wanted to help the younger generation," said Orchard Park Business Development Director Arminae Ward.

And during the process, they made history, West Texas history.

"I just thought it would be really great if we just set a record here in West Texas," said Ward.

"32 feet long, wowee," said Miss Missy.

A delicious dessert, leaving smiles on lots of faces. Faces like 96 year old Miss Missy.

"Chocolate and vanilla, it was real good," said Miss Missy.

"Everybody loves ice cream," said Ward.

"Rocky road, chocolate chip mint," said Ward.

But this sundae went back to basics.

"We're just going to do vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry here," said Ward.

And of course, an ice cream sundae wouldn't be complete without a cherry on top.

"Everything's better with a cherry on top," said Ward.
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