Grandfalls-Royalty 2013 Football Season Preview

Grandfalls-Royalty 2013 Football Season Preview

Grandfalls-Royalty returns all 12 starters for the 2013 season, something very rare to High School Football.

It's a rare situation in high school football, but when it happens -- great things tend to follow. The Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboys have all six starters returning -- on both sides of the ball.

"It's amazing. Not many teams can have six returning on offense and defense."

"It gives us the opportunity to do something this year. You know since everyone has been back we have that team and this year we're going to work a little bit harder."

After a 13-1 season last year, the Cowboys want to make sure they play football well until December. To accomplish that, they're taking conditioning to another level.

"Of course, speed kills. And if you've got speed you can do a lot of things on offense and defensively."

"If they're just doing it at the first of the practice, then that's gonna help them at the first of the game, but how's that gonna help them at the end of the game?"

As if the team doesn't already have high expectations for themselves, the entire city of Grandfalls is banking on a deep playoff run as well.

"Everybody expects highly of us, so we gotta give 'em a show."

"Anytime you go to Allsup's or something, "Ya'll ready for the state championship boys?", and "Yes sir, we're ready sir."

And one day at a time it'll have to be. Even though it may not be what people want to hear.

"We're really trying to take it one practice at a time. As cliche as that sounds, these kids have bought into whatever we did to get to where we were at last year, wasn't enough."

Reporting from Grandfalls, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.

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