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Gracie Burcham WMMA (7/22/09)

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Gracie Burcham is not your typical eight year old girl. "I like throwing people," Gracie said. And its throwing peple that has gotten Gracie national recognition as a competitor in the Womens Mixed Martial Arts; success that comes as no surprise to her father. "Ever since she was born she has been up at the gym," Burcham said. "She just kind of fell into it." Burcham passed his love for mixed martial arts down to his daughter, and together they work to be the best. Intense practices twice a week helped Gracie dominate in her sport, with six first place finishes in just the past year. "I like competing because you get to travel places and show off all your hard work," Gracie said. She will get to show off that work starting this week, as she travels to Florida to compete in the Junior Olympics and the U.S. Open - a world-wide meet. But whether its national or international competition, both father and daughter know the skills she has to win. "Well she can win by either throwing them to their back flat or even pinning them," Burcham said. "You have to train just like youre fighting," Gracie said. Though shell be competing only against girls, she knows how to handle the boy if she has to. Just ask her practice partner, Dylan Wilson. "Shes good, shes a good sparring partner, and well... shes powerful."
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