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Gasland Raises Worries in Gardendale

Big 2's Mycah Glover wraps up her five part series on drilling in Gardendale with a look the similar stories coming from Gasland and Gardendale<BR mce_bogus="1">
The Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland has received a lot of attention from the media, critics and most recently, some people living in Gardendale.

After being asked to lease his land for drilling, Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox took a journey across the U.S. to see how other families and landowners had been affected. For some residents in Gardendale, their stories hit close to home.

Click on the video to see how the stories told by families featured in Gasland mirror some of the interviews Big 2 has recently had with residents and landowners in Gardendale. The report also reveal why Gardendale residents fear their situation could get a lot worse, as well as the latest updates on their hopes to incorporate in an effort to gain control as they fight the oil companies drilling in their community.


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