Garden City Bearkats 2013 Football Season Preview

Garden City Bearkats 2013 Football Season Preview

Garden City was left with a bad taste in their mouth after a first round playoff exit in 2012. Can the Bearkats play hungry in 2013 and make a deep run into the postseason?

Their goal is clear. The Garden City Bearkats have their eyes set on winning district in 2013. They started the year off with a midnight madness practice, and will install a new offense that has one main purpose.

Senior Quarterback Austin Odom said "We're going to run them over. That's the plan. Like I said we have a bunch of stout lineman, and we're just going to run it down their throat."

On defense the Bearkats will be stout, ready to attack any opposing offense that comes their way.

"Defense was definitely something that was our strength last year. We're hoping to build on that and really have a great defense. We feel like that's something we have to have week in and week out, and that's going to win ball games for us" said Head Coach Matt Odom.

Garden City's Defense will be anchored by Juan Bustos, the leading tackler from a year ago made sure that he didn't lose a step in the offseason.

"Hitting the weight room, just trying to keep myself healthy. Keep my team motivated and keep pushing them. And I'm just going to keep doing what I did last year. Keep playing and go to the ball and make the tackles" said Bustos.

The Bearkats were left with a bad taste in their mouth from the 2012 season, and they want to make sure they're the only team left at seasons end.

Senior Defensive End Shawn Walker chimed in with "I just want to have no regrets. I don't want to have to look back and think that maybe we could have done better. I want us to do everything we can and be as successful as we can."

"Relentless. Relentless to the ball, never give up. No matter what the conditions are you want to always stay the same" said Austin Odom on how the Bearkats will play each game.

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