From Soccer to Baseball: The Sean Porter Story

From Soccer to Baseball: The Sean Porter Story

One Midland teen goes from one sport to another at a late age.
Midland, TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

By most accounts, Sean Porter can play ball. His production for the Midland Rockies 14 and under baseball team shows it, but that wasn't always the case.

"This kid needed a lot of work," said his coach Calvin Fugett.

"The first year I'm not going to lie to ya. He was a terrible hitter," said Sean's dad.

Sean's coach and father agreed: he wasn't very good. That's because Sean just started playing.

"Three years ago I remember we were at a soccer tournament and my son comes up to me after one of the pool games and says dad I don't want to play soccer anymore," said Paul Porter.

Baseball sparked Sean's interest.

"I switched sports mostly because I'm ready for something new," said Sean.

But his dad replied....

"There's no way at age 11 you're going to play baseball you're too old," said Paul.

That didn't stop Sean. He improved by repetitions.

"Do it over and over again and not only do it over and over again but do it correctly and he's one of those guys that's not going to stop until he gets it right," said his coach Calvin.

Sean dedicated himself to baseball. But...

"There could have been opportunities for him to quit. And no one would have thought anything about it," said his dad Paul.

Through perseverance,his hard work paid off in a big way.

"When he hit his first home run over the fence. When I seen him hit his first home run it just turned into that's what he wanted to do," said his coach.

That dedication makes Sean's dad proud of what he's accomplished.

"He just kept with it. Kept working. It's just great to see success," said his dad.

It's just what he was supposed to do. Sean's focus highlights how far he's come.

"When you know a sport is your sport everything clicks and that's muscle memory," said Sean.

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