From Oil To Energy Capital of the World

From Oil To Energy Capital of the World

Councilman's plans to make Midland the energy capital of the world

Midland - Midland is considered to be one of the oil capitals of the world. But one city councilman wants more, and he's pushing for the Tall City to be the energy capital of the world. It's going to take a lot of work, but it could mean big things for the Permian Basin.

"Everyone knows that renewable energy is the wave of the future, " says Midland City Councilman Michael Trost, Dist. 4.

And although Trost believes fossil fuels should still be a big part of our local industry, it shouldn't be the only thing.

"The Midland City Council and the City of Midland has committed itself to being the energy capital of the world. That doesn't mean just oil. We know that we have to expand and that's part of what the Midland Development Corporation is doing is looking for new avenues and things to help diversify our econonmy."

And as a councilman, that's exactly what Trost is working to do. One of the projects he's working on is forming a sustainable energy committee.

The committee would bring things to the city. A designated person, perhaps, at the city managers level or bring them to the council and say... this is what's's what we can do energywise, greenwise, to help promote green energy savings throughout the city."

And he thinks Midland is eager to jump on board.

"I think they're more willing, and I think they're ready to jump on the bandwagon. But you have to have something to present to them. You don't just say - Hey, will you help? You've got to have a plan. "

And so that's what he's working on. On a larger scale, he's looking into research and development of new technology, as well as game changing energy ideas that would completely change the industry. On a smaller scale, he's working with local developers and coming up with energy-saving inititiaves for local residents.

You can email ideas and questions to Trost at You can also post them on my facebook page, Mycah Glover - KMID.

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