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Four Game Rooms Busted For Illegal Gambling

Four game rooms were busted for illegal gambling on Thursday with 13 people arrested in the raids.
ECTOR COUNTY, TX (Big 2 News) -- Four game rooms were busted for illegal gambling on Thursday with 13 people arrested in the raids.
Here are the full details from the Ector County Sheriff's Office:

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Raid on a gambling rooms
LOCATION: Various addresses
SUMMARY: The Ector County Sheriff’s Office along with assistance from DPS, FBI, DEA conducted raids on four local game rooms Thursday afternoon.

13 arrest were made and 343 game machine’s mother boards along with a large quantity of cash was seized as a result of the raid.

After months of undercover work by the Ector County Sheriff’s Office at numerous local game rooms in Ector County, officers raided the establishment Thursday afternoon.

The game rooms were found to be awarding money for play which is illegal. The Penal Code defines illegal gambling as plays and bets for money or other thing of value at any game played with cards, dice, balls, or any other gambling device.

Life Of Luxury / 67th & Dixie / (3) arrest
Hamman, Alicia Ann 09/15/1987 outstanding warrant /Theft
Brown, Jennifer 05/27/1983 outstanding warrant / Parole Violation
Chandler, Ronald Allen 07/31/1956 Possession of Gambling Device

Game Room / 48th & Andrews Hwy. / (3) arrest
Fuentes, Doris 10/19/1966 Possession of Gambling Device
Chung, Chan Phuoc 09/27/1973 Possession of Gambling Device
Mers, Steve Clay 03/05/1958 (2) warrants ,Parole Violation / Violation of promise to appear

NO NAME FOR GAME ROOM / 7100 Block of West University
Ramirez, Melissa Ann 08/13/1974 Possession of Gambling Device
Rader, Lovella Christine 10/12/1971 Possession of Gambling Device
Trinh, Donny Duetrung 02/17/1978 Possession of Gambling Device
Brewer, Cherry Ann 12/02/1955 Possession of Gambling Device
Ramirez, Aida Armendarez 07/27/1956 Possession of Gambling Device

La Fiesta / 2113 N. F.M. 1936
Harris, Catrina Victoria 07/13/1991 Possession of Gambling Device
Cavazos, Isabel Maria 05/25/1982 Contempt of court (Child Support)

Sheriff Donaldson said other gaming business are on notice.

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