Foster Home Pursues Music Therapy Program

Foster Home Pursues Music Therapy Program

High Sky Children's Ranch in Midland pursues a new way to treat kids who have been through traumatic experiences.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - A foster care center for abused and neglected children looks to start a music therapy program.

"Music crosses barriers of culture, it crosses barriers of development," says JaLynn Hogan, treatment director for the High Sky Children's Ranch in Midland.

A new music therapy program, aimed at healing hurting kids.

"All the children that are here at High Sky are here because they've been abused and neglected, and removed by child protective services," Hogan explains.

She says children here suffered a variety of trauma, ranging from domestic violence, to sexual and physical abuse.

"Alot of our children, have been hurt and injured to the point that they just kind of shut down their feelings, the only feelings they identify with is mad and happy," adds Hogan.

Hogan believes the psychological effects of music are profound.

"Music accesses our emotional parts of our brain, rather than the cognitive, so it bypasses the scary memories and goes right to the emotional feelings," describes Hogan.

She says all people need to feel free to express and reflect on their emotions.

"If we lock up our feelings they're going to come out somewhere, they're going to come come out in our behavior, they're going to come out in their relationships, they're going to come out and they're going to hurt us and hurt others in the long run."

As for covering the cost of this music therapy, they're seeking donations, to the tune of $30,000 a year, all in hopes it strikes a chord with the kids.

"No one is the same, so what we like to do is offer as many healing opportunities for kids and familes as we can."

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