Fort Stockton vs. Big Spring Zero Week 8/30/13

Fort Stockton vs. Big Spring Zero Week 8/30/13

Fort Stockton and Big Spring clash in the season opener from Memorial Stadium in Big Spring.

We take you to Big Spring for the Steers and Fort Stockton Panthers... and if you don't know Tobyn Tannehill, you can say that you first heard about him on here.

First quarter, Tannehill handoff option, he decides to keep goes north, lowers his head and reaches the end zone, steers draw first blood seven to zero.

Panthers offense takes the field, and Victor Olivas got in some trouble in the pocket, zips it to avoid the sack. The result? An offskie! Steers ball

Tannehill, driving down the field in red zone territory, fakes the handoff again. Races left and it's another rushing touchdown for him! 14-0 Steers.

Next Steers possession, Tannehill, showing off legs and arm on this one, dodges the panthers pass rush, goes right and throws to the end zone. Put up six points courtesy of Devin Roberson.

Steers up by 21 at the end of the first, and Big Spring, making short work of Fort Stockton 49 to 0.

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