FDA To Propose New E-Cigarette Regulations

FDA To Propose New E-Cigarette Regulations

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - Electronic cigarettes.
Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - Electronic cigarettes.

"I have one," said Josue Nieto

A new trend among the youth.

"'You like the taste of them. It makes you wanna smoke them more than a normal cigarette," said Anthony Murray

According to Renato Galindo, a pulmonary patient educator with Medical Center Health System, they're being marketed to underage kids as a safe alternative to smoking.

"Since there is no law stipulating an age limit as to the purchase of it, it's easy to obtain access to it. Especially for our young people," Galindo said.

Right now, the Food and Drug Administration has no regulatory authority over e-cigs, but that may soon change.

The FDA is proposing strict rules that would regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, nicotine gels, water pipe tobacco and hookahs.

"You're still inhaling vapors and that's why the FDA is wanting oversight into it for better quality control," Galindo said.

And the most appealing part of these e-cigarettes?

"It comes in a whole variety of flavors that are just good," Murray said.

"I like the fact that they have different flavors," Nieto said.

According to Galindo, until the FDA has regulatory authority over e-cigarettes, the ads for these products won't change.

"It shows young people at the beach, kids in class actually in some instances actually encouraging them, once the FDA actually has oversight over it, they'll be able to regulate the marketing of these products"

In fact, during a career day visit to a local high school, Galindo says he made an overwhelming discovery.

"It turned out that half in that classroom were actually "vaping" or using electronic cigarette and they saw it as a novelty," said Galindo.

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