Family Working to Stand Up To Bullies

Family Working to Stand Up To Bullies

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - Bullying.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - Bullying.

For Jennifer Neves, it's a problem that seems to be more prominent compared to when she was growing up.

And she's noticed it's starting at younger ages.

"I've heard of kids in even the first and second grade that are getting picked on," Neves said.

Neves is a mother of two and she hears about children getting picked on from her kids.

"My kids seem to befriend the underdogs so they're usually the person to kind of sit there and say, 'hey, why are you being mean?" Neves said.

Neve's daughter Hannah Ramsel is only in the third grade, but she's already seen some of her classmates being bullied.

"They just kind of play around like they think they're nobody," said Ramsel.

Neves says she believes with more parents busy working full time jobs, less attention is given to their kids.

"Kids pretty much get neglected and they're left to fend for themselves emotionally and other ways also, and so I think that's a huge part of the problem," Neves said.

While Neve's says Ramsel defends her friends and herself against bullies, she still has fears.

She's afraid to tell teachers about the problems

"Sometimes I get scared whenever I do that," Ramsel said.

"She'll be defending herself and then of course the other kid doesn't get in trouble but, the last one defending themselves does," said Neves.

But Ramsel's heart for helping others continues to shine.

"I like helping people," Ramsel said.

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