EZ Rider Shortage Of Employees Leads To Canceled Bus Routes

EZ Rider Shortage Of Employees Leads To Canceled Bus Routes

With the many options of employment in the Basin, the transit system has been forgotten.

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - As the morning began, many buses are left behind at the EZ Transit Center.

EZ Rider has a shortage of drivers and this makes times difficult for people reach their destinations.

"This is my main means of transportation, "EZ Rider", and if it doesn't show up, well I’m stuck", said Ron Harper of Odessa.

The Basin relies on the transit system for weekly transportation.

In Midland, route three was running late and people decided to leave.

The same problem occurred in Odessa on route five.

"I sat out here one day last week and they were running about 30 minutes late", said Harper.

In each city, EZ Rider covers more than three hundred stops.

With a limited amount of drivers, complications are bound to happen.

Harper says he relies on the bus service to get to his doctor's appointments.

"I don't know what I’m going to do then if there is no bus service, they're gonna be moving my appointment between Odessa and Midland, sometime next year", said Harper.

The transit service runs within each city of Odessa and Midland.

Although the bus service is enduring a shortage, because of the oil boom, EZ Rider is hiring.

The company provides all needed training to obtain your commercial driver's license which is a useful tool.

They also train employees to care for passengers.

 "EZ Rider does the best they can, and most of their drivers are real considerate and helpful", said Harper.

Harper had one idea that may get people wanting to work for the company.

“Maybe if EZ Rider paid the employees more they would stay, whatever it takes to keep them here", said Harper.

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