Explosives Found at Midland International Airport

Explosives Found at Midland International Airport

A man has been detained after explosives were found at Midland International Airport.
UPDATE: 1:15pm

The explosives are still under investigation at Midland International Airport.  A bomb sniffing dog is going through the parking garage area, and is heading back into the terminal.

Authorities tell Big 2 that the explosives that were found were "military grade" though they won't be more specific about exactly what they were at this time.  They also say that the suspect is being very cooperative with authorities.

We've also been told that it is next to impossible for someone to have accidentally packed these explosives in their luggage.


TSA officials found explosives on an individual at the Midland International Airport checkpoint at 9:26 am. 

TSA evacuated the terminal for a sweep.  The terminal has been cleared for operation.

The FBI has the subject in custody.
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