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Exclusive Interview With Commemorative Air Force President And C.E.O., Stephan Brown, To Set The Record Straight

Rumors, controversy, and bad press continue to surround this week's announcement, that the CAF headquarters are leaving Midland.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "the museum will have to change," said CEO Stephan Brown.

"We're being backed into a corner," said Brown.

I sat down with Commemorative Air Force C.E.O. Stephan Brown and he explained because of a loss of funds, things have to change.

"It costs a lot of money to air condition, to house them that money the loss of state funds is causing us to have to change the museum," said Brown.

So although press outlets claim the museum will move, Brown told me, not true.

"We have to change what type of museum it is. There will be different displays that will be very educational, but it won't have the same things," said Brown.

He told me they'll have to scale down.

"So it will be a different museum, but I think it's better than no museum and it's better than no air show," said Brown.

Brown pointed out the alternative.

"We could have taken everything out we could've taken all the airplanes and all the museum artifacts and left them completely, and we haven't, we're committed to the Permian Basin," said Brown.

And despite reports that both the museum and the air show will soon be gone...

"I think the CAF is receiving an extremely unfair wrap," said Brown.

Brown emphasizes they're not leaving and the airshow will stay exactly the same.

"The airplanes will stay and the air show as you've known it will continue on," said Brown.

Brown tells me they will do as much as they can for their future in Midland.

"We plan on making the museum the best it can be for the long hall," said Brown.
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