Energy Policy: How do Romney & Obama Measure Up?

Energy Policy: How do Romney & Obama Measure Up?

A glance at the differences and similarities
Permian Basin -- Energy has been a big topic of discussion on the campaign trail this year. Living in the heart of oil and gas country, it's of huge importance to everyone in the Permian Basin. So, how do Romney and Obama measure up when it comes to energy policy?

Believe it or not, there are a few similarities.  Romney and Obama have both discussed energy in the Permian Basin, and both strategies include producing energy in the U.S. But the differences far outweigh the similarities.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made his support for oil and gas production clear during a campaign stop in Hobbs, NM last week. "We need to have a fast track process to make sure infrastructure projects are approved. Particularly, we're going to get that Keystone pipeline built," said Romney.

Obama has also showed support for domestic oil production. During a campaign stop in Maljamar, NM, the president said, "Producing more oil here in our own country has been and will be a key part of my energy strategy."

While domestic oil and gas production may be part of Obama's "All-Of-The-Above" energy strategy, as you can see on his website, his plan also puts a lot of emphasis on the environment.  While in Maljamar, the President Obama said, "We've got to develop every single source of American energy. We've got to develop new technologies that help use less energy in our cars, our homes, our buildings, our businesses. That's where we need to go."
While Obama's energy strategy puts emphasis the future of clean energy and the environment, Romney's policy seems to focus more on the future of our economy and national security. "It means we don't have to rely on people that, in some cases, don't like us very much. (It means) that America will be able to stand arm and arm with our friends from Mexico and Canada and assure we have all the energy we need to keep America powered and to make sure our military never has to borrow from someone across the ocean that might not be our friend," said Romney.
Romney said he will set a personal goal to make North American energy independent by 2020.

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