Election Day Turnout!

Election Day Turnout!

In the past in Midland County, citizens had to vote at specific precincts for voting, but now you can vote at any precinct in the county.

"From the way the lines are looking it started out a little slow but it's picking up", said Midland County Elections Administrator, Ruth Sloan.

Things were picking up because Midland County residents can vote at a center near them no matter the party or where they live.

"The vote centers help a lot with that because it doesn't matter which voting center you go to, it doesn't matter if you're vote a Democratic ballot or Republican ballot. Doesn't matter your precinct or vote center you can vote at that location. There is no such thing as a wrong precinct voting place", said Sloan.

In the past people came into the wrong polling place and were not able to vote.

"The best polling place we had is in the annex building for the simple fact that numerous people always felt that they can vote at the election office on election day", said Sloan.

Ector Elections Administrator Mitzi Scheible said their numbers are up from 2010.

People believe that voting makes a difference.

She wants politicians to help children.

"Have the accessibility to the electronics that they need, like ipads or laptops things that they can bring home and do their homework on for those of us can't afford laptops”, said Odessa voter, Margaret Gilmore.

Each county experienced a smooth day at the polls. Officials said there were no issues. 

"Everyone has been very positive for that simple fact that they can go anywhere", said Sloan.


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