ECISD Students Take Standardized Tests In The Dark

ECISD Students Take Standardized Tests In The Dark

ECISD Students were scheduled to take their standardized tests, when the lights went out. Jenne Anderson Reports.
ODESSA-- It's test time in Texas, as students take part in the state's standardized exams.

While a lot of practice and preparation goes into days like this, over at ECISD, "It was a very interesting morning," said ECISD Public Information Officer, Mike Adkins.

This is because an Odessa-wide power outage hit Permian High School and Burnet Elementary right in the middle of the test period, throwing a major wrench into an already stressful day.

A local school district cannot just simply decided, 'Ok things are bad and we're going to cancel the test for today,'" explained Adkins.

This means the district had to reach out The Texas Education Agency to see what their options were.

"We made that phone call, there response was, 'Do the best you can, make some accommodations,'" said Adkins.

ECISD tells us the students and staff at the affected schools quickly pulled together to move those taking the tests to the best naturally lit rooms in the schools.

But even with all the adjustments, there's still concern that these conditions will impact the test outcomes.

Samantha Gomez wrote this on the Big 2 Facebook page:  "Yet all these distractions will still be held against them if done poorly on this test. Some kids have a hard time testing as it is"

Tuesdey Orona Faught commented: "I'd do better without those nasty buzzing florescent lights on a test anyway. Just as long as they are not too cold."

We reached out to the TEA who tells us they have some flexibility in working with school districts when tests go wrong.

"There must have been a belief on both the local district's part and our part that it was best to go ahead and proceed with the tests," said TEA Spokesperson Debbie Ratcliffe.

Both ECISD and the TEA tell us they'll be closely assessing the scores of these schools once they come in to see if any other adjustments need to be made.

"Testing can be stressful for a lot of students and teachers and we don't want to make it any more stressful," stated Ratcliffe.

ECISD tells us another thing they'll be looking at is the number of absences on Tuesday that could have occurred because of the power outage.

They say if this number is unusually high they'll have to take it to the state to see what steps should be done.

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