Drillers Quarterback Overcoming Tragic Accident

Drillers Quarterback Overcoming Tragic Accident

Drillers Quarterback Chris Ware has overcome a lot to be playing football for the West Texas Drillers.

Midland, TX ( Local Big 2 Sports) -Drillers Quarterback Chris Ware has been playing football ever since he could walk.

The game is his passion.

"Football’s been my life. Since 3 years old it's been everything that I’ve wanted to do. I've always had the dream of playing for some reason I just can't give it ,” said Ware.

The summer before he was supposed to play ball at West Texas A&M, he was in a serious car accident.

“They said I wouldn't walk again, talk again, and definitely not play football again. They said I’d be in the hospital for 2-3 months before I even started rehab. I was out in 8 days,” said Ware.

Chris was walking, talking, and didn't have to rehab anything. Six months later he was told he could play football.  At age 22, he played four years at Eastern Oregon. How did he feel playing again?

“There were no words to describe how I felt that day. To strap it on for the first time again. It was indescribable,” said Ware.

"Chris is an inspiration. He's good on the field as well as off the field. Got a good football IQ. He's good with the media and with the fans,” said his head coach Forrest Ridley.

Here's one unique thing about Chris.

"I actually like to write poems. I got a soft side. I love Lion King,” said Ware.

So what's next for Chris?

"There’s a whole off season to prepare for what may come. There's going to be tryouts but if nothing works out. I guess I’ll be a driller next year,” said Ware. 

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