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Connie Mack Summer League Prepares Student Athletes For Upcoming Season

Greenwood First Baseman Austin Ulcak, has played baseball since 3rd grade and hopes to bring home a district championship his Senior year.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "It’s a lot of fun. We got a great group of young men out here that are playing and it's enjoyable", said Greenwood Summer League Coach, Alan Martinez.

This is Martinez’s 2nd year coaching in the Connie Mack summer league.

"We feel like it's a real good program. It just helps them continue to develop their skill", said Martinez.

Senior Ranger first baseman Austin Ulcak, gave up part of his summer to get better for the regular season.

"I need to work on just stretching a little bit and then also just fielding the ball cleaner", said Greenwood First Baseman Austin Ulcak.

Coach Martinez can see the progression of his game, in just the first two games of summer ball.

"He’s just developing his skills, his talent and to see what he can do. Continue to get better", said Martinez.

Not only is Ulcak talented in playing baseball, he's a multi-sport athlete. He plays basketball and football for Greenwood.

"I don't have a day off during the week, but it's ok", said Ulcak.

Coach Martinez believes with that type of attitude, it will make Ulcak a key part of the lineup next spring.

Ulcak says his work ethic has rubbed off on some of his teammates.

"All of them as a group have gotten better at their fielding and hopefully in their batting just through the repetition", said Martinez.

Coach Martinez says the summer league prepares student-athletes for when the JV and varsity season rolls around.

The team believes all the hard work during the summer will lead to a deep playoff run.

"I’m out here in Greenwood trying to get better for the regular season, so hopefully we can become district champs", said Ulcak.



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